Psychoneuroimmunology - year 2


From November 2014 CNELM – the Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management – will be adding to their portfolio of courses for attendance the Natura Foundation's cPNI 1 course. This course will run weekdays over a total of 18 days delivered as 7 sessions between 2-4 days in length. From September 2015 it is also planned for CNELM to add the Natura Foundation’s cPNI 2 to the portfolio of attendance courses.

The team of experts from the Natura Foundation will deliver the course at CNELM. The clinical application of psychoneuroimmunology (cPNI) has been developed and taught by the Natura foundation since 1987 and the courses are taught in several countries around the world.

“At CNELM we see cPNI 1 and cPNI 2 as highly relevant advanced professional development courses for graduates of UK NTEC accredited nutritional therapy degree and diploma programmes, including our graduates of the BSc and MSc courses taught at CNELM that are validated by Middlesex University; plus many other therapists including: doctors, dentists, nurses, osteopaths, dietitians, chiropractors, herbalists and acupuncturists.”
Kate Neil - CNELM

CPNI is an extension to many nutrition practitioner and coaching courses. Whether taking this course to enhance nutrition practice or as an entry route to nutrition as an existing healthcare professional your study will focus on the complex interactions between the emotions, psychological processes, patho-physiology and nutrition and lifestyle by considering interactions between the nervous system, the immune and endocrine systems.